Birth Ball Positions Chart | UPDATED 2023 | A Complete Guide

Birth Ball Positions Chart | UPDATED 2023 | A Complete Guide 

Nowadays, future mums are always exploring ways to make their labour more comfortable. Since we have advanced technology and many revolutionary tools to ease the process of childbirth, it is understandable that women want to consider all of their options. One of the most popular labour tools today is the birth ball. It has gained popularity because of its amazing benefits and ability to make birthing more bearable. 

However, since the ball has different uses, women try to find the ones that suit them best. In this attempt, a birth ball positions chart can be quite helpful. Therefore, we have included some of the most effective positions that are proven to make women more comfortable during labour. Exploring these positions might help you find the one that will ease your birthing and boost your comfort. 

Birth Ball Comfort Positions - A Complete Guide 

The first thing you need to know about the birth ball is its versatility. In other words, you can use it in different ways until you find the one that helps you during labour. Women have unique bodies and different pregnancies, meaning what works for one may not work for another. That is why exploring a birth ball comfort positions chart might be significantly beneficial.

The birth ball positions chart shows many variations of sitting, lying, and leaning poses. Each variation carries distinguished effects that a woman in labour might find comforting and useful. 

But the ball is not only useful during childbirth! On the contrary, you will be able to use it during your pregnancy and after the birthing process. As mentioned previously, its uses are quite versatile, meaning you do not purchase it only for one use. When we talk about comfort positions, we refer to the ones that you can take during the whole course of your pregnancy and after it until your body gets back to its “normal” state. 

Moreover, it is important to note that birth ball comfort positions can change during labour. That is, if one position has worked for some time, it does not mean that it will continue to be effective. So, having a set of poses that work for you is essential in case you need to find a better one when you go into labour. 

Ideal Birth Ball Positions Chart 

If you want to prepare yourself completely, discovering the ideal birth ball positions is a must. You should expect that some of them might not work for you, but you will definitely find at least one that does. Here is a part of the birth ball positions chart encompassing poses ideal for getting comfortable during labour. 

  • Sitting Position

One of the most comfortable positions is the sitting position. It is quite easy and makes you really comfy. It is not difficult, considering you only have to sit on the ball with your legs on the floor and shoulders width apart. An upright posture will allow you to maintain balance, so you will be perfectly stable.

Still, if you want complete stability, you can opt for another option, i.e. a peanut birth ball. It is a ball in the shape of a peanut with a narrower middle, which is great for stability. The peanut ball has become quite popular among women in labour, so you may want to give it a try. 

Only sitting on the ball will make you significantly comfortable. Nonetheless, if you want to unlock more benefits of the birth ball, then consider using movements. Swaying side to side or in a circle can help you move the baby in a good position and induce labour. Also, it will help you stretch your body, which is quite important when giving birth. 

  • Leaning Position 

Another ideal position is obtained by leaning on the birth ball. By leaning on the ball, you can allow your partner to massage your back and make you more comfortable. Also, you can use movements to stretch your back and prepare your body for labour. This position can be done on the floor or on the bed. You can try both and see which one provides you with more comfort. 

  • Leaning while Standing Position 

To get a double effect of the ball, you can place it on the bed and lean over it while standing. This position can speed up the birth process since it will help lower the baby in the cervix. 

If you decide to try this position, make sure the ball is securely placed on the bed. You need to have it steady on the bed to secure your safety. You can have someone sit on the opposite side of the bed and ensure that the ball is stable. 

  • Side Lying Position 

The birth ball positions chart also includes side-lying variations, also known to provide great comfort during labour. However, you must use a peanut birth ball for this position because its shape allows you to get a snug spot on the bed. The side-lying position is best for resting and sleeping while keeping the pelvis open. 

These are basic positions in which you can use the birthing ball. During your pregnancy, you may try variations that will help you relieve pressure on your body parts or allow you to find more comfortable positions for sleeping or sitting. Many women tend to use the birthing ball in different ways even after giving birth, meaning you can still explore these positions after your baby arrives.  

Birthing Ball Size Chart

To obtain the benefits of the birthing ball, you need to have an appropriate size. In other words, if your ball is too big or too small, you might not be able to feel the effects of it. It may even make you more uncomfortable and cause you to struggle with finding a good position. That is why using a birthing ball size chart is convenient. You will get the right size according to your body features and easily get yourself in a good position while preparing to give birth.

The birthing ball size chart gives you two options, so you should choose according to your body measures: 

  • A 65 cm ball is suitable for women who are 5’8” or shorter
  • A 75 cm ball is suitable for women who are 5’9” or taller 

Try sitting on it to ensure you have chosen the right size of a birthing ball. As you do that, your hips should be on the same level as your knees or slightly higher. This position takes pressure from your back because the baby's weight is brought forward. You should feel comfortable in this position because that is the whole point of it. 

On the other hand, if you sit on the ball and notice that your hips are lower than your knees, then you should consider that that is not the right size for you. You will notice that sitting on the birthing ball is quite uncomfortable and that your pelvic opening will be narrowed. This is not a good position for the baby, especially right before labour. 

Using a Birthing Ball to Induce Labour - Success Stories

Even though research and studies have shown that these methods are effective, you might want to look into some birthing-ball-to-induce-labour success stories. 

  • Amina, who has used a birthing ball during her pregnancy and labour, has seen some amazing results from it. Namely, she has claimed that a birthing ball has helped her open up the pelvis and create space for the baby to come out. Moreover, the ball's movements have helped her drop the baby down and speed up the labour. 
  • Flo, a mum of one, has experienced exceptional results from using a birthing ball during her pregnancy. She has had ligament pains, which have made her really uncomfortable during her second trimester. Nonetheless, she has managed to reduce ligament pressure after using a birthing ball.  

Using a birth ball positions chart can help you find your ideal position during pregnancy and giving birth. The advantages of a birthing ball are second to none, so you should really give it a try. Making yourself comfortable during pregnancy and labour is one of the most important things you have to establish for yourself. 

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