Using the Ramzi and Nub Theories, our professionals will analyze your early ultrasound scans and apply the appropriate Theory. Our determination report will include an illustrative drawing of your baby’s scan and details of how it corresponds to the selected theory.Our service is intended for entertainment and novelty purposes, and result emails are not a replacement for a 20-week ultrasound scan determination. While we are confident in our methods, we do not guarantee 100% accuracy. We do not recommend using results to choose nursery colors or make any financial or family planning decisions. This website is intended to provide a fun service for pregnant moms. If your prediction is wrong, you may or may not have gender disappointment. If this is a possibility, The Ramzi Prediction report may not be right for you.

In preliminary test groups of various sample sizes (500-1000 women), accuracy rates ranged from 83-92%. The Ramzi Prediction used strict criteria for a controlled data set. Scans in low visibility or close calls were excluded. Our accuracy rate will vary, depending on visibility and other factors that may affect our decision. Analyzing a static image is less accurate than scanning in person. However, combining a Ramzi, Nub and Skull prediction together may give you the most accurate results.

Besides contact information, we only need to know theory pack you would like to order, and how many weeks gestation you are in your pregnancy. You may optionally provide additional order notes to our techs during checkout. All information will remain private.

We work as quickly as possible to provide you with an answer within 1 hour for Rush Delivery (max. 8 hours, if ordered overnight EST). If you do not wish to have your order rushed, allow around 24 hours for your E-mail.If your scan is in low visibility, our turnaround time may take greater than 1 hour for Rush or 24 hours for Standard. This is because we may need to request more scans and/or contact you directly before we process results. This is to ensure you receive the most accurate results.

We do not issue refunds for incorrect results. This isn’t because all prediction emails are intended as a novelty item and for entertainment purposes.We will give you an option for a refund or change in theory prediction if your scan is unreadable due to visibility. We will email you as soon as possible to confirm.

Some scans are unreadable because of the quality of the picture, the way the technician took the picture, or the way the fetus is positioned.