Shipping Policy

Welcome to our shipping policy page! Ramzi Prediction's whole team works continuously to provide a seamless shipping experience. Our high-tech prediction service lets you know the result within 24 hours or less. Different services, such as early ultrasound, nub theory, and more, makes it easy to know the baby's gender with utmost precision since we have results scrutinized by our experts.  

Order Processing: Once we receive your order, we start processing the order within 5-10 hours from the order or 24 hours to avoid any delays. 

International Shipment Cost:  All our delivery is made through the mail, so there is no extra charge for international orders. 

Shipping Modes:  We only deal with online modes of delivering orders, such as online mail.

Payment methods: We accept only Paypal card payments. 

Discount: We offer discounts on some orders, such as prediction packages. For more details, visit our website. 

Tracking and Delivery: For more details about your order, you may drop your request at  

We appreciate your purchase orders and look forward to providing you with a reliable and efficient shipping experience.