How to Spot a Fake Ultrasound? A Complete Guide

How to Spot a Fake Ultrasound? A Complete Guide

We all know that technology evolves with each passing day, and with all of these advancements, many new trends are popping up online and in the real world. One such trend is the fake ultrasound, which is surprisingly used for many different purposes — more on that later. Before you learn about why people fake ultrasounds, you need to learn to recognise them. 

In this blog post, we will teach you how to spot a fake ultrasound. We’ll provide a list of indicators that can tell you whether an ultrasound is real or fake. Then, we’ll dive into the reasons why people use fake ultrasounds and where they are getting them. So keep reading, and by the end of this blog, you’ll be able to tell fact from fiction. 

How to Spot a Fake Ultrasound? A Complete Guide

The list below features all of the tips and tricks that can help you determine whether an ultrasound is real. 

Tip 1: Understand the Basics of a Real Ultrasound

To spot a fake pregnancy ultrasound, you need to know what a real one looks like. Familiarise yourself with the typical elements of a real ultrasound image, including the ultrasound machine display, labels, and the anatomy being examined. On a real ultrasound, you should see the fetus and the organs. Real ultrasounds also feature patient information, medical facility logos, and date/time stamps.

Tip 2: Compare with Online Reference Images

Search online for ultrasound images and pay attention to those you believe to be real. You can also try finding a few certified fakes for comparison. Compare the ultrasound in question to credible reference images, which can help you identify the key differences. The most important things to look out for are inconsistencies in anatomy or a weird information layout.

Tip 3: Check for Image Quality and Clarity

A non-fake ultrasound will have clear and high-resolution details. The borders of real ultrasound images are smooth, well-outlined, continuous lines. With that in mind, blurred areas and pixelation around the edges are signs of image manipulation. To find these irregularities, zoom in on the ultrasound image. If you’re seeing a printed image, you can use a magnifying glass to see better. 

Tip 4: Analyze the Labels and Text

Another way to figure out how to spot a fake ultrasound is by inspecting its labels and text. Legitimate ultrasounds will have labels with accurate medical terminology, including the patient’s name, medical facility, and physician’s name. You should also check that the text is clear, well-aligned, and not pixelated. It’s also good to look at the font since ultrasound machines have a sort of “robotic” one. But if someone has tampered with the image, they may not remember to choose the right font. 

Tip 5: Look for Logical Consistency

Examine the ultrasound for consistency. Verify that the gestational age or the purpose of the ultrasound aligns with the info you’ve been given. Fake ultrasounds often contain unrealistic or contradictory details.

Tip 6: Evaluate the Anatomy and Structures

Study the anatomical structures shown in the ultrasound image. Fake ultrasounds may display anatomical features that are distorted or anatomically impossible. Pay close attention to the scale and positioning of organs or the fetus.

Tip 7: Check for Watermarks or Copyright Information

Authentic ultrasound images often have watermarks and copyright information. Most of them have the logo of the medical facility or the ultrasound equipment manufacturer. Their absence can be a good indicator of a fake ultrasound. Even if there is a logo, check whether the hospital/manufacturer really exists. 

Tip 8: Examine Metadata and File Properties

If you can access the digital file, examine the metadata and the file properties, as this information can show important details. The things you should look out for are the creation date, editing history, and file format. If you see anything suspicious in the metadata, this may be a sign that someone manipulated the image. 

Tip 9: Seek Professional Advice

If you still have doubts about the authenticity of an ultrasound, consult a professional. You should talk to a doctor or an ultrasound technician. They know how to spot a fake ultrasound and can tell you for sure if the image is fake. 

Tip 10: Trust Your Instincts

Lastly, trust your instincts. If something feels off, you should be extra cautious. A fake pregnancy ultrasound is often used for manipulation and deception. Caution is key in protecting yourself from potential harm.

What Are Fake Pregnancy Ultrasounds Used For?

Fake pregnancy ultrasounds are used for a variety of different purposes. Some of the most common reasons people use fake ultrasounds are listed below. 

  • Pranks and Jokes: Some people use fake pregnancy ultrasounds as a part of a joke. They often do want to prank friends or family and see their reactions. These pranks can involve some light-hearted humour but can also be very hurtful.
  • Personal Amusement: Others create fake pregnancy ultrasounds for fun or to just share them with close friends. In these situations, people don’t want to deceive or hurt anyone. 
  • Revenge or Manipulation: Unfortunately, fake pregnancy ultrasounds are sometimes used for manipulative purposes. These include trying to manipulate or control a partner, spouse, or family member. This can lead to emotional distress and harm to relationships.
  • Covering Up a Real Pregnancy: In some cases, people facing unexpected pregnancies may use fake ultrasounds to hide the real one because of fear, uncertainty, or social pressure.
  • Social Media Scams: Social media personalities can create fake pregnancy announcements on their platforms to get attention or likes. These scams spread fake news, so learning how to spot a fake ultrasound is a good idea.  
  • Entertainment and Fiction: Fake ultrasounds are sometimes used in the entertainment industry. For example, films and TV programmes use fake images if it’s specified in the script. In these cases, the audience is aware that the images are fictional. 
  • Novelties: There are novelty websites and shops that sell fake ultrasounds to be given as gifts. People order these fakes for shock-value purposes.

It’s important to note that using fake pregnancy ultrasounds to manipulate others can lead to serious consequences. These consequences can be personal but also legal. You should be careful because the use of fake medical documents can be considered illegal. If you find yourself in a situation where you suspect the pregnancy ultrasound is fake, make sure to ask for more information. 

Fake Twin Ultrasound Pictures

The fake twin ultrasound pictures show a pregnancy with twins. In reality, the pregnancy either doesn’t exist, or the person is only pregnant with one baby. Just like other fake ultrasounds, these images are created for the abovementioned purposes. But luckily, you can implement the same techniques to spot the fakes. Whether it’s twins or just one baby in the image, you should take a closer look!

Where to Find Personalised Fake Ultrasound Pictures Online?

Finding fake ultrasounds is easier than you may think. There are a variety of websites and apps that let you create a personalised fake ultrasound online. These sites allow you to add your name and other information to the image. You can also add the gestation period and make sure it matches your alleged pregnancy. These details make the ultrasound look more trustworthy, making it more difficult to tell the fakes apart from the real ultrasounds. 

Free Fake Ultrasound App on iPhone

In the App Store, you can find many different apps that let you create ultrasound images. All of these are easy to use, and they create the images almost immediately. Plus, you can get quite a few of these apps for free! So, if you want to find a free fake ultrasound app for your iPhone, you can take your pick. ScanBaby, Baby Story Photo Maker, and Baby Ultrasound Spoof are some of the most popular apps you can use to create fake images. That said, we don’t advise you to do that. Not only is it unethical, but in some cases, it can even be illegal. 

Spotting a Fake Ultrasound

In this blog, we provided ten useful tips to tell fake ultrasounds apart. After reading this far, you should know how to spot a fake ultrasound, ensuring you don’t fall victim to a bad prank - or worse! Have a hawk's eye and pay close attention to the details - as you already know, they matter the most. 

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