Peanut Therapy Ball: How to Use a Peanut Ball in Labour?

As you approach the last stages of your pregnancy, and while incredibly beautiful, just the thought of giving birth may be frightening, so naturally, you look for ways to make your labour easier.

Whether you are giving birth at a hospital or at home, you will need some advice on reducing the pain of the process and feeling more comfortable. One of your best solutions might be a peanut therapy ball, which has proven very beneficial for mothers-to-be.

According to some studies, a peanut ball can reduce your chances of needing a C-section and make the birthing smoother. If you consider trying it during your labour, you will want to know everything about this miraculous product. That said, we have included all the information you need about peanut balls and the benefits that come with them.

What Is a Peanut Ball?

A peanut therapy ball is basically a yoga ball but shaped differently and used in particular positions while giving birth. It is in the form of a peanut with two larger ends and a squeezed part in the middle. Nowadays, the peanut ball can be found in many hospitals and birthing centres because it provides many benefits to women in labour.

Using peanut massage balls in labour can be one of the smartest decisions you can make while giving birth, as it will significantly ease the process and provide you with the support you need.

How to Use a Peanut Ball in Labour?

During birth, the ball is placed between the legs to help you get through the stages of labour more easily and smoothly. Moreover, it is known to be extremely convenient for women at birth who cannot move around or be in a standing position when the process begins. The reason why many expectant mothers turn to the ball is because it’s easily adjustable, meaning that it can effortlessly “adapt” to your birthing plan. Oh, and its softness is also a huge plus!

However, women in labour use the peanut therapy ball in different ways, considering the conditions of the birthing process. Its main role is to make you relaxed and more comfortable while speeding up the dilation of your cervix. In addition, it helps to lower the baby down in the birthing canal faster so the process can begin and spare you from the agonising pain.

Since peanut massage balls are used differently for distinguished bodies, you should expect your doctor to suggest different positions for you. The balls are quite adjustable, meaning you will quickly find the positions that put your body at ease and meet your individual needs.

On another point, it is important to point out that the peanut ball greatly differs from the traditional rounded birthing ball. While the former allows you to sit or lean on them to ease the contraction pain, the former is used in a slightly different way. That is, it is designed to provide support for women who have had an epidural or cannot move for any reason. In other words, it is perfect for the lying position because of its specific peanut-shaped design.

Peanut Massage Ball Positions in Labour

As mentioned above, women use different peanut ball positions in labour to meet their needs. The ball can help you open up your pelvis and progress your birthing process. If you are not sure how to use the ball, a birth professional can recommend several positions you might find helpful for your body.

Below, you will find some commonly used peanut ball positions in labour that are proven to be beneficial for the birthing process.

  • Sitting 

If you want to use the peanut therapy ball for sitting, you will need a bigger one. You will have to place it on the floor and sit on it while putting each foot on either side. Rocking on the ball will make you comfortable, but you can hold onto the bed edge for better support.

  • Kneeling 

For this position, you will need to be on all fours, meaning your knees and hands need to be on the bed. Then, you will place the ball between your legs with a slightly elevated hip. You can use this position for resting or rocking back and forth. Trying both will allow you to find out which one makes you more relaxed.

  • Side-lying

Peanut massage balls are often used in lying positions. While lying on your side, you can place the ball between different body parts to ease your labour. For instance, placing it between the knees will help you during the first stage of the birthing process since the baby is higher in the pelvis. On the other hand, putting the ball between the ankles works best in the second stage of labour when the baby is lower in the pelvis. Lastly, side-lying while hugging the ball will lessen some pain and help you find the most suitable position during all birth stages.

These are common positions used when women go into labour. Nonetheless, you can always try variations until you find one that provides you with the utmost comfort. Since the main goal is a smooth delivery, you can experiment with it until you find the position that provides the most relief.

Understanding The Benefits of a Peanut Ball in Labour

If you are still not sure whether you should use a massage ball during your labour, you should look into the benefits of a peanut ball in labour. Keep in mind that this is a tool that makes your birthing process easier rather than slow it down. You are probably aware that giving birth can become quite uncomfortable and painful, so having the best solutions at your disposal is essential.

First, a peanut ball will allow you to change positions during labour more easily. You can use it in different ways and in different stages of the whole process, meaning the peanut ball is versatile. This way, you will keep your pelvis active, which is highly beneficial if you are using an epidural during labour.

Second, using a peanut massage ball decreases the chances of needing a C-section. Even though a C-section is now a common procedure, it is still a major surgery. Most women strive for a natural birth, so they always try to avoid undergoing surgery at all costs.

Finally, a peanut ball will allow you to push more effectively and reduce the risk of injuries to your nerves. Plus, it is an amazing support for the knees and back, so you will have the chance to avoid uncomfortable situations resulting from lying on the bed for long hours. Once you learn how to use a peanut ball in labour, you will discover an easier way of giving birth with fewer consequences and better comfort.

Can a Peanut Ball Shorten the Birthing Process?

You’re probably aware that the peanut ball makes giving birth much easier, unlike the ones you see in the movies where the women scream like the biggest opera divas. However, many expectant mothers are interested in the benefits of a peanut ball in labour, believing that using it will greatly shorten the process.

Although little research is linked to the impact of a peanut ball on the duration of the birthing process, some studies show that the ball can significantly shorten labour longevity. Since the ball can keep the pelvis active, it can speed up the process of getting to the pushing stage.

When it comes to labour pain and contractions, women always try to find the best way to quickly pass through this stage. Considering the fact that a peanut ball has shown positive outcomes, why not give it a go yourself?

Is Using a Peanut Ball Risky for The Labour Process?

Using a peanut massage ball during labour is considered significantly safe. Since its main role is to make you comfortable, no risks are associated with it. Nonetheless, you should always consider having a professional by your side if you intend to try using the ball in more complex positions.

If you are looking for ways to make your labour easier, opting for a peanut therapy ball might be your safest choice. Nowadays, many women are using it, and most hospitals can provide it for you, but you might want to consider having your own ball just to be on the safe side.

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