Ultrasound-Based Nub Theory Gender Prediction during Pregnancy

The Nub Theory

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The Nub Theory is one of the most reliable baby gender predictors. It relies on the angle of baby's genital tubercle seen in a 12 weeks pregnancy ultrasound.

Our 24/7 dedicated team analyses each ultrasound meticulously to ensure the highest precision.

The Nub Theory has a 97% accuracy... now that's some impressive predictability, isn't it?

But we want to bring this service even further by giving you the most precise analysis

Have you ever heard about the Ramzi Theory?

It allows you to discover the baby's gender from the 6th week of pregnancy with a 97% accuracy.

Our team will give you a Ramzi Theory prediction for FREE and will combine both theories for the most reliable prediction you could ever ask for. (How can you even have doubts with that level of accuracy?)

And to make your prediction unique, we have 3 FREE additional gifts for you

If you place the order today you'll get them for completely FREE.

We have assembled an elite team of experts, seasoned parents, and personal trainers to craft these remarkable, simple step-by-step guides exclusively for you!

Here's what you'll find inside:

✅ Trimester-specific eating plan and Post-pregnancy exercise routine
✅ How to style the baby bump with flair
✅ How to change diapers and soothing methods
✅ And much much more...

Results and gifts will be emailed to you in less than 24hrs.

NOTE: Your valuable photos are safe with us. Your privacy and confidentiality are our top priority. No sharing with third parties.

Customer Reviews

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Chloe Pelusey
They got it right!

3 times I submitted a scan and they said it was a boy, now I’m 23 weeks and they were right!!


Predicted girl and it was a boy

HaPhuong Luong
The result from the Nub Theory is correct in my case.

Received the result within 2 hours as the service I chose states. It is correct. ^^

Sarah Johnson
Awesome Pregnancy Package

Accurate predictions, free guides, and top-notch support make this package a must-have for expecting moms!

Mia Anderson
Affordable All-in-One Pregnancy Solution!

Ramzi Prediction offers an all-in-one solution that's budget-friendly! The Nub Theory was accurate, and the free guides cover everything from nutrition to baby care. Plus, the Ramzi Theory service adds another layer of precision. For moms looking for an affordable way to enhance their pregnancy experience, this is it!